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Sewing with faux fur

Lots of Possibilities with Fake Fur

It seems everyone is spicing up their wardrobe this season with fun fur. It’s not a difficult textile to work with, so go ahead and experiment. Maybe choose an imitation shearling to trim your leg-warmers, or put a long-hair accent pom-pom on your scarf, or make fuzzy ear muffs. Continue reading


add a welt pocket to jacket lining

I will be using Simplicity 4014 to make a long spring jacket in black matte polyester. But I’m going to vamp it up with an oval patch pocket on the front, AND a self-lining complete with single welt pocket; just the right size for my cell phone.

My chosen pattern does not call for a lining, but since I want to use a light-weight, faux-suede fabric that lacks body, it would benefit from the stabilization even a thin lining layer provides. Continue reading

Add a pocket; strike a pose

Some argue that pockets can ruin the clean lines of a jacket, add bulk that ruins an otherwise smooth silhouette. Others can’t contemplate a garment without the function a pocket provides. Where to put bus fare, tissue, mints? they wonder.

Generally, I’m pro-pocket. Certainly I am when it comes to coats and jackets. It’s no fun to rummage around in a purse for absolutely everything. A good pocket lets you stash your essentials for the day where they are most handy. 

Pockets also offer fidgety hands refuge in social settings, an easy way to strike a pose that conveys confidence and comfort.

But mostly, jacket pockets give hands a place to stay warm. Trust me, Continue reading

February Rose in matte & satin

I wasn’t quite satisfied with this rust and black dress when I finished it. It seemed flat. It needed more interest so I added a fabric rose here at the shoulder. Luckily, the mock-suede I used for the sides, had a super satin sheen back, and the contrasting textures give delightful depth to a black rose. Alternately, the rose could be worn Continue reading