Quilted couch pad slipcover

How about this checkerboard seating for a living room couch?

Protecting the seat only, it’s a happy harmony of slipcover and quilt. And that’s a good place on the sofa-coverings spectrum. Every fitted slipcover I’ve ever attempted looked sloppy and rumpled even before a movie and popcorn night. And the alternative, a precision perfect quilt, seemed work too fine to be parking my tush on.

couch quilt

Dark colours on this quilted couch pad contrast with the light tan sofa fabric. A simple nine-patch design is created with two red tones and two grey tones. Randomly alternated and yarn-tufted, the result is an overall vintage look.

Previously, coverlets folded in half were too short at the ends and too wide to the back. Now my red and black cover is custom fit from armrests to cushioned back. Blocks are seven inches square. There are three rows of ten across, for a total of 30 squares.

quilt sandwich

Stacking order: First the backing is taped flat on a large table. Next, the batting is laid down. (Here I’ve used two layers to add loft). Then, the assembled patchwork is placed on top. The bundle is machine sewn all around the edge.

centre marks

Before you stack, mark the exact centre of the backing on all four sides. Do the same on the pieced top. When you prepare to sandwich the layers, be sure to line the marks up perfectly.

tufted quilt

Here the layers have been basted in a sunburst pattern to keep everything taut and flat. I believe the same success could be achieved with curved safety pins available at most good quilting stores. The centre of each of the 30 blocks is tufted with yarn.

trim batting

The batting is trimmed 3/8″ to the machined stitch line, and the excess backing (roughly 4 inches all around) is ready to be folded to the front for a mock blanket edging.

Amount fabric required for three seat couch coverlet:  

Do choose fabrics that will wash well. No need to pre-wash the batting.

Backing: 2.2 metres of black broadcloth or similar from a 45″ bolt

Pieced top = 30 squares: 2 metres total

1/2 metre each: dark grey, black, deep red, red with small pattern.

And black yarn for tufting.

Always have a certified nap professional (I use a standard housecat)test your quilted sofa slipcover pad when finished.

Always have a certified nap professional test your quilted sofa slipcover when finished. (I use a standard housecat.)


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