Re-Upholstering Curved Space Chair

A curved space chair, circa 1972, needed attention. The original wide wale corduroy in boldest orange was too tattered and soiled to be saved. Thankfully, the ruined cover fabric was actually a removable slipcover,

six foot curved space foam

The 40-year-old foam will be used to trace a shape on the new foam.

with a giant six foot long zipper up the back – all to be preserved as a pattern template. We can use the zipper again after a long, cold bath, rub and rinse. 

The worst deterioration was to the foam inside, it was crumbling from age and very flattened. We peeled it away from where it was glued to the fibreboard frame at key anchor points and measured it.

It was 2″ thick and actually two pieces overlapped at the seat area.

The main section, measured at its widest point was 72″ x 28″. The shorter piece was 54″ x 28″.

The designer used two pieces of foam, giving extra cushion in the seat.

The designer used two pieces of foam, giving extra cushion in the seat and back.

Keep the old upholstery to layout as a pattern. Remember to mark on each piece the top and bottom, left and right orientation.





Good to put on some permanent marker matching notches too, so re-assembly goes easier. (Let the cat help if he insists; he will be pleased you are making a fresh sleeping station for him.)

Use a marker to remind yourself which is the top and bottom of the upholstery pieces.

Use a marker to remind yourself which is the top and bottom of the upholstery pieces.

I received this chair as a Christmas gift when I was a girl, and it has been one of the best book reading retreats I ever knew!

glue to anchor foam

The old foam was glued to the frame at the head, the seat and the feet.


2 thoughts on “Re-Upholstering Curved Space Chair

  1. Illy

    Is there an “after” picture for this project? My friend and I just scored two of these chairs (one in orange, one in black)–for now they are in excellent condition, but this post may come in handy in the future…! The fabric on ours isn’t corduroy, but just a flat, stretchy material.

    1. sewpro Post author

      Hi Illy. Congratulations on scoring the chairs! An “after” picture of my project is definitely coming; I have been hemming (not the sewing kind) and hawing over my final fabric choice. I see so many great options and now you have me thinking a stretch velour or faux fur would be fun. I have laid out the pattern pieces and calculate that I will need 10 feet (3 1/3 yds) on a 45in bolt. If I lay it out a little tighter I can fit the pieces over 3 metres. Of course, this is basically a zip-backed slipcover, so there is also the idea of making a different one for each season. Hope you totally enjoy your chairs.


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