Stay-stitch sleeve and attach to jacket

Before attaching the sleeve to the spring jacket, I need to help the fabric take on the curved shape of the shoulder. We can do this with a double row of stay stitching and yanking the loose thread ends.

  • Stitch along the shoulder seam line between pattern notches using a long machine basting stitch.
  • Then, sew a second parallel line a quarter inch away inside the seam allowance.
  • Pull the threads to distribute the small gathers evenly. 

The faux suede I chose for my jacket was a challenge going through the sewing machine because the matte side stuck to the surface, and the satin back was so slick. Sewing a single layer can magnify these handling difficulties. When I have a particularly slippery or stretchy fabric that jams or goes off course in the machine, I back it up with old or unused pattern paper and sew with the paper on the bottom against the feed dogs. When finished I just tear away the backing.


It is true, I have found, that natural fibres such as cotton and wool move through the machine with more ease. But I would hate to restrict myself to those reliable materials because I would miss the many terrific textures and prints on harder to handle slinky, ruffles, jerseys and other man-made fabrics.


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