Spring jacket with self lining

I can add more heft to this spring jacket by installing a self lining.  A lining, in the same outer fabric, will introduce more body and substance; it will allow the jacket to hang more solidly. 

Simplicity pattern 4014 does not call for a complete lining at all. In fact, it only gives instruction to place a basic back facing across the shoulders and side facings where the buttons run up the front (exactly as you would find on the inside of many blouses).

I definitely like the pattern but do prefer a lined jacket. It’s always easier to take on or off and it shows a more polished style. Of course, I could have gotten all these advantages with a typical acetate lining, or settled on bright bias tape over the exposed seams to add some zing, but since I had ample fashion fabric left over, I can go ahead and use it for a lining.

My lining will have a welt pocket and show the slinky side of the faux suede poly.

I need to sew a total of six pieces together for this lining. I swap out the short back facing provided in favour of using the entire two piece back again, plus two sides and the front left and right inside facings, which already include the undercollar to be joined at the back.

All pieces are basted first, then paired with the front for a test try on, and when all looks well I can start machine sewing. Once assembled I will be ready to match it up with the outer jacket, starting at the neck and shoulders.

The two facings join at the back matching the undercollar on outside.

The two facings join at the back, and match up with the undercollar on outside.


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