Add a pocket; strike a pose

Some argue that pockets can ruin the clean lines of a jacket, add bulk that ruins an otherwise smooth silhouette. Others can’t contemplate a garment without the function a pocket provides. Where to put bus fare, tissue, mints? they wonder.

Generally, I’m pro-pocket. Certainly I am when it comes to coats and jackets. It’s no fun to rummage around in a purse for absolutely everything. A good pocket lets you stash your essentials for the day where they are most handy. 

Pockets also offer fidgety hands refuge in social settings, an easy way to strike a pose that conveys confidence and comfort.

But mostly, jacket pockets give hands a place to stay warm. Trust me, it only takes a few exposures to frigid winds to develop chapped and rough skin. Then it becomes hard to work with certain fabrics because rough skin catches the surface.

Take care of your skin! Drink water, stay hydrated, keep the circulation going and do what you can to prevent chapped hands.

Like sew in pockets.

I’m adding them to a spring coat that does not call for them. Simplicity 4014.

For this project, I think either in-seam or flat patch pockets will do. Off I go to flip a coin and then cut the fabric.


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