Hem pants, make partner tote


Yes, I know, pinstripes are a feeble fashion statement, compared to the popular gem tones and boldprints we see now in jeans. But the fabric on this this sporty pair of George brand pants from Walmart is still a standout over plain indigo denim. Unique enough that I decided to fashion a purse out of the excess two inches of cuff when I hemmed them. 

All I needed was a 20″ zipper in a close shade which I found in my stash of clothes to recycle. And a 6″ wide strip of plain muslin cloth off a 45″ bolt  (which I have on hand in good supply for designing).

Total cost so far beyond the pants: $0

Here are my simple steps:

  1. Sew the zipper, centred lengthwise, along the strip of muslin. Join the two 6-inch edges in a single seam to form a circular shape.
  2. Try folding that round zipper now around a bunch of books. You will need to add 8 darts to make it square. Just like wrapping a present.  This forms the purse bottom, sides and top.
  3. Next, make 7″ x 5″ squares (roughly) from your denim scraps, by sewing cuff remnants side by side. These will be the front and the back. Sew those in place.
  4. The old narrow hems become the handles.

And you wind up with a cute little tote that matches perfectly with your jeans.

There are plenty of other possible ways to create a partner bag, anything from a drawstring, or just sew flat petal shapes on a plain canvas tote or your denim knapsack.

Bottom line: have fun and get creative.


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