Batik Summer Dress with Self-Binding

I can hardly wait for summer to wear this plum and red batik dress. Since the fabric was light-weight cotton, I choose to make bias binding for the armholes rather than purchase some close, but not-quite-perfect shade. Self-binding is easy: simply cut two-inch wide strips as long as you can on a 45 degree angle so they can be pressed into the curves. I liked the batik pattern of this summer dress to stand on its own.

Now, hemming a flare or bell skirt can be challenging, but don’t despair. You can fit the wide cut edge into a tight taper no sweat. You’ll have to manufacture some evenly-spaced folds along the way of course. Remember your assistant the iron is standing by, press small folds evenly along the length to make the fit. Baste before the final machine sewing. It’s worth the effort as this is one of the most flattering hem styles, especially in motion.


2 thoughts on “Batik Summer Dress with Self-Binding

  1. kokorimbaud

    I love it, such a nice dress – and I’ll totally keep the pressing tiny folds in mind! I’ll certainly be experimenting with more shapes than in the future, and I really like the silhoutte of this dress.


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